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Sofya Tamarkin

Sofya Tamarkin speaks of God’s involvement in our day to day lives. She emphasizes the recognition of divine intervention and inspires people to fulfill their purpose in life. Sofya exemplifies how to bring kindness and meaning into your life and the lives of others. SCHEDULE SOFYA TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT!

Philosophy of Life:
There is a tale of a man who was permitted to see purgatory. As he approached, he saw a fabulous banquet table laden with tantalizing delicacies but the people faces were scoured and morose. As he neared he saw that each person had a giant spoon and fork strapped to the length of each arm. They could touch the food but they could not bend their elbows to bring it to their mouths. The visitor then was taken to paradise. As he approached, he saw the same banquet table, but the people’s faces were happy and robust. As he neared, he saw the same strapped arms, but here, each person was feeding his neighbors. Your attitude can shape your world.


My name is Sofya Tamarkin. My family emigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1989. In my late teenage years I started the ultimate quest for Truth, seeking knowledge of my Jewish heritage.

After many years of searching for meaning and clarity, I have come to appreciate my connection to Judaism and all that it stands for. As I was seeking to bond with my authentic identity, I focused on deeper understanding of the ‘secret’ of Jewish survival during the last 2,000 years of exile. I wondered, what made us so strong and fierce. My people survived unimaginable tragedies, yet we continued to be ‘The Light Upon The Nations”. READ MORE…

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