Sofya Tamarkin

Sofya Tamarkin

My name is Sofya Tamarkin. My family emigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1989. In my late teenage years I started the ultimate quest for Truth, seeking knowledge of my Jewish heritage.

After many years of searching for meaning and clarity, I have come to appreciate my connection to Judaism and all that it stands for. As I was seeking to bond with my authentic identity, I focused on deeper understanding of the ‘secret’ of Jewish survival during the last 2,000 years of exile. I wondered, what made us so strong and fierce. My people survived unimaginable tragedies, yet we continued to be ‘The Light Upon The Nations”.

I have traveled the word and visited over 60 countries, meeting people from ‘many walks of life’. I have been a guest at their Shabbat tables and heard unbelievable stories of their own Jewish communities of Brazil, Singapore, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, India, China, Panama, South Africa, etc. I have been inspired by people and cultures who were all impacted by Jewish people living among them.

My story is the one of appreciation of Hashem’s beautiful world. Its about growing and recognizing all the blessings of our lives. Regardless of where the journey of life takes us, we must remember to inspire and get inspired.

We must ‘hear’ and ‘see’ Hashem in our own lives and be grateful for the privilege to be part of the mighty Jewish Nation.